Monthly Archives: January 2016


Early January and dreaming about my summer garden


It’s January 2nd 2016, the old college gang is headed back to the mainland, and I’m thinking about the year to come.

What I’d like to do in 2016:

  • Sell more plants at the Farmers Market. In years past, I’ve sold the supporting cast of an orchard, but not the stars. This year I will have apples, plums and other fruit trees for sale at the Farmers Market in Friday Harbor.
  • Grow more of the feed for my laying flock. The girls have taken well to sunchokes, so I will be planting more of them. I expect to be growing more peas as well.
  • Grow more cider apples. My first experiment in hard cider worked well, so I might as well do more.
  • Offer more fresh produce and preserves at the Market. As my food forest matures and produces more than Anita and I can eat, I will offer more choices at my market booth.
  • Get ahead of the firewood supply. I’m designing a firewood drying kiln to speed up seasoning and ensure that I have hot smokeless fires.
  • Produce more biochar.
  • Extend the railway to the house.
Josh moving potting soil (with biochar!) through the nursery in this winter scene from the past