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We are proud to host the WSU Extension’s Forest Owners’ Field Day here at Thornbush.

The Field Day workshops will focus on island-specific forest stewardship issues using local experts. Learn about current San Juan forest health issues, fire protection, mushrooms, Garry oak restoration, and much more. The Field Day will also feature exhibits by local agencies that assist owners of forested property.

I will be conducting tours of Thornbush, and showing off my sawmill and biochar operations. wooded

Workshops Offered

These are the different workshops that will be offered throughout the day:

  1. Biochar and Sawmill Demo – See how you can make custom lumber and soil-building biochar with wood from your property.
  2. Fire Prevention – Wildfire risk is high in the San Juan Islands – learn to protect your trees and your home.
  3. Forest Health – Learn about current issues, mortality trends, and what to do.
  4. Garry Oak Restoration – Learn about bringing back this historic denizen of San Juan prairie ecosystems.
  5. Invasive Species – Learn how to identify and control aggressive, non-native plants that damage the local ecosystem.
  6. Measuring Trees – Practice simple techniques to measure your tree density and see how big those trees really are!
  7. Property Tour – Join the property owners for a tour of this unique farm.
  8. San Juan Forest Soils – Learn the unique soil types on the islands and what it means for your trees.
  9. Shiitake Mushroom Culture – See how to grow these gourmet mushrooms on logs on your property.
  10. Thinning and Ecosystem Health – Learn how to choose the right trees to thin out to restore the health of your forest.
  11. Tree Planting and Seedling Care – Plant trees for the next generation! Learn how to do it right so they survive and thrive.
  12. Wildlife Habitat – Learn about the wildlife that call the San Juan Islands home, and simple, effective strategies to improve habitat for on your property.

Gates open bright and early at 7:45AM on Saturday August 25, with the orientation at 8:45AM. Looking forward to seeing you here!

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