Bare Root Fruit Trees 2020

I have moved the nursery to our farm gate to comply with coronavirus social distancing recommendations. You may text or call me (Roger Ellison) at 360-622-9796 to set up a time to meet and look at my trees.

Currently Available, $28 each:

  • Dessert apples
    • Gravenstein
    • Gala
    • Liberty
  • Cider apples
    • Kingston Black
    • Harry Masters Jersey
    • Yarlington Mill
    • Dabinett
  • European Pears
    • Orcas
    • Comice
  • Asian Pears
    • Chojuro
    • Nijiseiki
  • European Plums
    • Italian Prune
    • Imperial Epineuse
  • Asian Plums
    • Shiro
    • Beauty
  • Cherries
    • Rainier
    • Lapins
    • Montmorency Pie Cherry

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