Nursery Plants 2021

Bare root trees for the nursery
Berry shrubs moving from production nursery to sales yard

Fruit and nut trees, berry bushes and strawberry starts available now at the nursery. Call or text Roger at 360-622-9796 to schedule a visit.

Or find us at the San Juan Island Farmers Market and the San Juan Islands Food Hub.

Currently Available:

  • Dessert apples
    • Gravenstein
    • Gala SOLD OUT
    • Liberty SOLD OUT
    • Williams Pride
    • Cosmic Crisp SOLD OUT
    • Honeycrisp
  • Cider apples
    • Kingston Black
    • Harry Masters Jersey
    • Yarlington Mill
    • Dabinett
  • European Pears
    • Orcas
  • Asian Pears
    • Chojuro SOLD OUT
    • Nijiseiki SOLD OUT
  • European Plums
    • Italian Prune
  • Cherries
    • Rainier SOLD OUT
    • Lapins SOLD OUT
    • Montmorency Pie Cherry
    • Stella
  • Hazelnuts
    • Jefferson
    • York
    • Theta
  • Blueberry bushes
    • Northland
    • Toro

Published by Roger Ellison

Permaculture designer and nurseryman on San Juan Island.

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