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New Biochar Product at Farmers Market

Drop by the Grange Booth at the San Juan Island Farmers Market to check out our latest product, a pure charcoal for chicken coops and compost piles. Available in 2 cubic foot bags for $39.

Keep down the smells in your coop, keep the nutrients from wafting away, and improve your soil while you are at it.

Biochar is our way of fighting global climate change while improving the resiliency of our island.

Accept no substitutes
A simple open-top charcoal kiln.
Turning forest debris into soil improvement


Welcome to Thornbush!

Saturday April 7 is the first day of the 2018 Farmers Market. We are planning to have eggs, biochar, and fruit trees for sale.

Railroad assisting with the bare root trees.

Bare root trees  $24 each:

Apples: Akane, Enterprise, Gravenstein, Harry Masters Jersey (cider apple), Frequin Rouge (cider apple), Zestar, Honeycrisp

Cherries: Lapins, Montmorency (pie cherry)

Plums: Methley, Italian

prune, Shiro

Apricots: Puget gold

Peaches: Frost

Seascape everbearing strawberries in

single biochar for web

bundles  of 25: $18

Raw Biochar pure charcoal soil amendment, 2 gallons: $12

See you at the Market!