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Welcome to Thornbush!

Saturday April 7 is the first day of the 2018 Farmers Market. We are planning to have eggs, biochar, and fruit trees for sale.

Railroad assisting with the bare root trees.

Bare root trees  $24 each:

Apples: Akane, Enterprise, Gravenstein, Harry Masters Jersey (cider apple), Frequin Rouge (cider apple), Zestar, Honeycrisp

Cherries: Lapins, Montmorency (pie cherry)

Plums: Methley, Italian

prune, Shiro

Apricots: Puget gold

Peaches: Frost

Seascape everbearing strawberries in

single biochar for web

bundles  of 25: $18

Raw Biochar pure charcoal soil amendment, 2 gallons: $12

See you at the Market!